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Aged Soap

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Common Inquiries


Does your product include chemical fragrances?

No, it doesn't use chemical fragrances. We are aware that some consumers may not react well to chemically-induced products, so I've decided to make sure all were naturally scented with essential oils.

Do you create custom gift sets?

I do create custom gift sets, but they would have to be personally requested. Sooner or later, I will create items in regard to the gift sets.

What is your return policy?

You have a 15-day back guarantee to send back your order after filing a complaint through the chat provided at the bottom right of the page.

Where to store product?

In regards to soap scrubs: I would recommend keeping them in a room-temperature area if you order no shape. If you order shapes, I recommend keeping the product in the fridge.

Candles can be kept in a room-temperature area.

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